Ultimate Car Parking Making Kit (41cm X 41cm) | Car Showroom, Parking, Ramp Track, Hot Track for Wheels Car & Play House Making Kit | Engineering Activity | Build and Painting Art Kit (T306)

Rs.1,300.00 Rs.1,400.00

  • Gift your friends and family the Ultimate Car Parking Making Kit! Have them build, paint, and create their very own car showroom with a parking ramp track. Let them watch their cars soar up and down the hot track for wheels car.
  • Increasingly, doctors and child development experts around the world are recognizing the value of hands-on, imaginative play. Research shows play promotes self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, resilience, and more. It is these skills that are crucial building blocks for success and personal fulfilment in adulthood.
  • Excellent starter set designed for younger children. This pretend play set helps little ones spark imagination, encourage role-playing and reduce screen time.
  • So many different ways to play. Car showroom, Play house, Multi-story parking station, Multiple speed ramp tracks, Hot track for wheels cars, etc.
  • Made by the highest quality 100% recyclable pine MDF wood.
  • Assemble 36 parts and build 3D model with instruction manual. Big enough to accommodate wheels car.
  • Kit contains : Wooden cutouts, 12 bright paint colour, paint brush, paint pallet and instruction manual.
  • Size : Front Width (41 cm) | Height (41 cm) | Depth (36 cm)
  • Note : Kit don’t include any car.
  • Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ql3V-ULK4g

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