StepsToDo _ Make Your Own Wooden Spinning Top Making Kit | Wooden Engraved Toy Top Making Kit | Toy Top Set of 5 | Birthday Party Return Gift (T310)

Rs.280.00 Rs.500.00

  • Educational toy which provides a platform for children's to hands-on-experience in building creative toys with learning of basic working principle behind it.
  • Kit provides an active way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
  • This set of five wooden spinning top comes in very attractive flower shape namely Dahlia Flower, Daisy Flower, Lily Flower, Aster Flower, and Hibiscus Flower.
  • Each flower top is engraved with beautiful flower details. It comes in natural beige color.
  • Petals can be arranged in different angles to create different flower looks.
  • Kids enjoy fitting all pieces together own their own to make their own custom spin top. The various components fit into place. No glue required.
  • Eco friendly material which can be painted with colours of your own choice. Any water colour, crayon, colour pen, or colour pencils can be used.
  • Excellent DIY STEM toy for 6-12-year girls and boys. Encourages Engineering and Artistic Mindset.
  • Kids take pride in Building and Painting their own Spinning Top and playing with them. Glue-less assembly.
  • Kit included Set of 5 Unique DIY Spinning Top Flower : 5 Flat pack designs of imported MDF with Precise Laser Cutting | 12 Colour Pens | Instruction Manual
  • Skills Developed: Science Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation Skills, Fine Motor, Hand Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning, Organized and Structuring.

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